Thursday, June 27, 2013


Pinning is one of my many addictions!  I do not pin quite as much now that I have started a blog but I have over 5,000 pins so I guess I would still be considered an addict:)  I love to visually sort things.  I find it relaxing.  Does that make me weird?  I decided to link up with Just Reed to share some of my favorite math idea pins.  (if you click the pictures you will go to the source).

I loved this pin!  As an interventionist I am always trying to find a different angle to teach a concept but traditional methods don't usually work for my kiddos. I am definitely giving this a try next year. 

 I am in love with the idea of having the kids illustrate math vocabulary that you are targeting.  
 What a great visual!!

I love the visual but when I tried to access the acutal site it said it was password protected. 

I actually did this last year and loved it!  
I didn't actually use my money sticks to play Kaboom 
but just a warm up to review/practice money skills:)

I am stalking the book study:  

I am totally digging it.  Why I never thought of using reading concepts to teach math I don't know.  If you haven't checked out the posts for the study there is a ton of good info.  I am loving the book.  Teaching with a Touch of Twang came up with this great chart with ideas from the book to show the correlation between reading and math comprehension.

Touchpoints and multisensory do I need to say more...........

This is a great little resource for touch money.  Best of all it is FREE!
This goes along with teaching math vocabulary!  Although I pinned it before I read chapter 2 in Teaching Mathematical Comprehension.  (It is a paid TPT item)

I used this tool last year to help my students with the number grid.  It was AWESOME!

I love using songs and rhymes to teach!

 I love this pin!  What a great way to teach area and perimeter!!

I hope you pick up some great math ideas!!  
I can't wait to check out the other Ten Pin link ups:)


  1. Love, love, love touch money and touch math. What great pins! Thanks for linking up!

  2. I like to use songs and rhymes too! Those area faces are really cool! Will definitely have to remember that one!