Friday, June 14, 2013


 PHONICS FRIDAY has arrived!  But first I wanted to share some exciting news!!  I am thrilled to have reached 100 followers this week!  Stay tuned for a little giveaway and a few freebies I have up my sleeve to celebrate:)

Today's PHONICS FRIDAY focuses on sorting syllables.  One of the components that I really like about Fundations is it teaches kids to recognize not only how many syllables a word has but also to identify what the syllable type.

One of the ways I like to reinforce the concepts I teach is to pass out several word cards to each student.  Then we do I SPY.  I say "I spy" a word that is a closed syllable.  The students will then raise their hands if they have a closed syllable and read the word and state how they know it is a closed syllable.  The same type of thing can be done for reinforcing the other syllable types as well as short and long vowels.  This is just one idea on how to use these word cards:)

 The silent "e" syllable (v-e) is one vowel followed by a consonant and a silent e. 
 The sneaky "e" kicks the vowel making it say its name.

The bossy "r" or r-controlled syllable is a vowel that has neither a
 long or short sound because it is controlled by the consonant r.

 A closed syllable is one vowel that is closed in or followed by one or
 more consonants which make the vowel sound short.

 A double vowel syllable has two vowels and
the first vowel usually says its name.

If you would like to grab this GLAM SORT click on the picture below.

I hope you enjoyed this PHONICS FRIDAY!  
Any suggestions or comments are welcome!  
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  1. That sort is so cute! Just my colors! I'm looking forward to seeing what you put together for your giveaway! I'm so happy for you reaching 100 followers! You go, girl!

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