Wednesday, July 3, 2013


In celebration of my new blog design, I promised a little FREEBIE!  
 Here is a story map that can be used with any book.  Just click the picture to download.


I had so much fun last week sharing math pins.
I decided to link up with JUST REED again to share 10 reading pin ideas.  
If you click on the pictures to go to the post where the PIN was originally discovered/pinned.


1.  I just discovered this pin as I was looking for pins to share.  It is a very handy FREEBIE to utilize when do reading conferences with students or even small group.  I find that I am always doing and thinking so many different things that it helps to have a reminder to keep me on track.  Hmmm.....maybe I have ADD like many of my students:)

2.  I love this idea for my kiddos that are movers and shakers.  The idea is to have the kids hop on each dot for each letter sound and then blend the sounds together to form a word.  My kinders and beginning first graders will love this!

Sound Hop  Use rubber dots for hopping the sounds in words. The children hop on a dot as they say each sound in the word. This is great for kinesthetic learners.

3.  What an awesome IDEA to teach kids to recognize the setting of a story!  Kids can find pictures that represent a time and place. Then you can laminate and hang the poster in your classroom as a visual reminder.  I know there I go again with visual reminders/prompts!  It is kinda an obsession for me:)
Setting Collage by @Jane Ferguson, ESL Teacher at Lake Myra Elementary

4.  A word wall that allows kids to take the ring of words that begin with the letter back to their seats when working on writing.  It is very handy and mobile.  Anybody have any great ideas on how to make one similar to this that is portable from class to class?

5.  Open MIC Fridays for fluency practice!  The kids won't even know that they are improving their reading skills because they will be having so much fun!  I would also love to have the microphone from the post but it is kinda pricey.  With all the AIMS assessment that I have to do FLUENCY practice is a MUST!!  It would be awesome to make it fun.
 Open Mic Fridays. Sign up for your turn at the microphone once you have practiced your poem for fluency. Great idea. Could even do with writing pieces! {I already do Friday Readings, but I like the idea of calling it "Open Mic Friday!"  So cute!}

6.  Take a picture of your students holding up class sight words.  Then make a powerpoint presentation so that you can review them daily with your class. I am thinking that this could even be done so that it can be reviewed on an IPAD.  Another idea would be to have the students work together to build the word and then take a picture instead of just having them hold up a sign with the word already written.
7.  I love discovering things I have pinned.  This is a fabulous FREEBIE!!!!  What a handy cheat sheet for character traits.  I already have it downloaded for next year.  I can't wait to utilize it!!
FREE! Character Traits Categories- writing folder ideas

8.  This pin goes along with #7 above.  The students decorate the outside of the bag to LOOK like the character showing PHYSICAL TRAITS and then on the inside they put words that DESCRIBE the CHARACTER TRAITS or the inside/personality of the character.
Paper Bag main character project - put research questions on the outside, put items to represent character on the inside 
9.  I am always looking for portable ideas to use in small group since I move from class to class.  I love this idea of creating a portable anchor chart.  I definitely plan on doing something similar next year.
10.  I could not end my post without sharing a song pin:)  I love to use songs to teach even though I have absolutely no musical ability.  It is great that the kiddos get into the song and the concept gets stuck in their heads.  Students are also frequently able to retrieve concept knowledge with greater ease when taught through music.  This is a great FREEBIE from  A Teeny Tiny Teacher.
 Ideas for when we learn about questions 
I hope you got some great ideas!!  
I can wait to check out everyone's pins 
& see what other creative ideas are out there that I haven't found!!


  1. I am so glad I came across your blog from this linky party. I am your newest blog and pinterest follower! I loved 1, 4, and 7.


  2. Can you please tell me what link did you find the Open "Mic" Fluency Friday from? It's such a great idea that I'd like to read more about it. Thanks!

  3. Wow! Thanks for linking up the Guided Reading freebie! So happy it helps!

    Buzzing with Ms. B


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