Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Sale, Fundations, and a Freebie!

I am having my first SALE!  I am very excited.  I have posted a couple new items tonight just in time for the sale.  I have been working on a word mark up packet for the second grade teachers in my district that practices Fundations skills in level 2.  I have finally finished it and got it posted at my store.  I created a bookmark cheat sheet for students to accompany my pack and that took me some time.  I am still not sure if it is perfect yet so I am hoping for some feedback!!

Here is a peek at my new pack!  It includes daily practice for Level 2 --Units 1-17.

 Below is a copy of my Cheat Sheet bookmark for students.  I am still not 100% sure that it is completed so any ideas or suggestions please feel free to share!



  1. These bookmarks are AMAZING! My kids will be so thrilled to have these on hand. :) One question - is it supposed to say "ruler breaker"?

  2. Love the Fundations Cheat Sheet!!! Thank you for being so generous with your creation. I know this will help many parents and teachers.

  3. I believe Wilson uses the language "exception to the rule" not "rule breaker." Thanks for the student & parent friendly helper.

  4. I would like to buy your Fundations level 2 Mark Up Pack but can't find it in your store. Thanks for you help!