Friday, June 28, 2013


PHONICS FRIDAY has arrived once again!  One of the key phonics concepts that we focus on in our building K-1 are blends and digraphs.

As an interventionist, I review these concepts constantly.  I usually start talking about digraphs in late fall for kindergarten and blends after Christmas.  In first grade, we start talking about blends and digraphs at the beginning of the year.   Since I target at risk students, I feel it is essential for the students to hear concepts repeatedly so that they are able to file the knowledge into their long term memory.

I am totally on the WBT bandwagon but I have always been into using multisensory techniques to teach concepts.  Therefore, when teaching the concepts of a digraph and a blend I like to use motions to go along with the definition.

The definition I use for a DIGRAPH is two consonants stuck together to make one sound.

The motions the kids and I use when saying the definition are "holding up two fingers together"when saying the part of the definition of two letters stuck together and then "just one finger" for the part of it makes one sound.

The definition I use for a BLEND is two or more consonants that blend together but each make their own sound

When teaching a blend, my buddy Lisa and I came up with "holding up two fingers showing the number two" for two consonants and then to show more "we swipe our hand from our chest toward the floor palm outward".  Then to show they blend together "we hold our pointer finger up and move it around in a blending motion".  Lastly for the part of the definition that states each consonant makes its own sound "the student cup one ear with one hand".

My bud Lisa from Always an Adventure in Kindergarten has shared some great blend and digraph FREEBIES at her TPT store.   Click on the pictures below to get your copy!

Leave me a comment and share how you teach blends and digraphs.  I would love to know:)  If there is a concept you would like me to talk about next week don't be shy!  Share away:)

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