Friday, August 30, 2013

Five for Friday: BACK TO SCHOOL

Well friends!  I hope everyone is surviving the back to school grind!  I have been exhausted since school started and my little blog has been neglected for sure.  I hope that some of you out there are fortunate enough to have air conditioning in your school because I am not that lucky.  It is so hard for little kiddos to learn when they are melting:)  I have my fingers crossed it cools down.

1.  Tonight I was shopping at a local toy store for a birthday present and of course I found a few things for myself as well.  I am really excited out this find!!  You use a pen to pull the beads up to form the letter.  It really has a strong pull that will help my kinders follow through with letter formation.

2.  My sweet little girl turned the big 13 on Monday.  She is now officially a teen but not much has changed.  She still has her headphones on constantly and bops along in her own world.
Isn't she beautiful?

3.  As an interventionist, I have the pleasure of assisting teachers with not only academic problems but behavioral issues as well.  Unfortunately one of my students has fallen apart since returning back to school.  I created these forms last night to try and assist the teacher with managing the behaviors within the classroom setting.

I based this on an interventions one of my teaching buddies did last year with the same kiddo.  The student starts out the day with all of his X's for both the morning and afternoon blocks.  If all AM checks are still there by lunch then 5 minutes of Ipad time is earned.  After lunch, the whole process starts again.  If the student had a bad morning it doesn't matter because after lunch it is a clean slate.  

4.   Today was my day to post on Teaching Blog Round Up!  I was glad that I had a scheduled day to post so that it forced me to push through my back to school fog.  If you are interested in reading about vocabulary tiers then you will definitely want to check out my post and grab your freebie.

5.  I was very excited to actually get to read with some of my kiddos today!  I love listening to kids read.  Today the kids used LED finger lights to track text as they read!  It was so fun!!  The kids loved it and I must admit so did I.  

So that is my week in a nutshell:)  
I can't wait to read everyone's Five for Friday posts!!  

Until next time,

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