Saturday, August 17, 2013


I am so excited for the sale Sunday and Monday!!  I have items on my wishlist that I have been waiting to buy ALL summer.  Will I empty out my wishlist?  Probably not because it is kinda long:)

I am linking up with some of my firstie friends in celebration of the sale!!  Hopefully you get a chance to check out their great products and purchase a few of their goodies for your own:)

Here are a few products that you should check out!

Do you need a back to school pack?  
Be sure you check out Nicole Lanier's Back to School Literacy and Math Activities for 1st grade.

I just discovered this pack from LMN Tree myself!!  I love me a beginning of the year easy reader for my at risk kiddos!  Especially when it comes in three different levels.

Since I do most of my work in small group, I was pumped when I found these questions from Spotted in First Grade to utilize when reading: 20 before, 20 during, & 20 after.

Make sure you check out the other fan-tab-u-lous products from my Firstie Friends!!
Don't forget the code!  B2S13

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