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Today I decided to link up with Cara from The First Grade Parade for Favorite Pins Friday therefore doing a PHONICS FRIDAY:  Pinterest Edition.  I choose 10 of my favorite phonics pins to share with everyone.  I am very excited to link up because one of the first blogs I discovered was the First Grade Parade and I stalked it for many years before having the courage to enter the blogging world myself.  

I have linked all of the pictures to there original source so if you are interested in learning more just click and go:)

Games are essential for small group work.  As an intervention specialist, I use games to reinforce concepts all the time.  What could be better than the kids learning and having fun doing it.  Here is a I Have .....Who Has game that focuses on short vowels.  This game is that not only is it adorable but it is FREE!
 I Have... who Has - short vowel - FREEBIE 
This was one of the first pins that I actually tried out.  It may not necessarily be considered a "phonics" pin but it is a great pin all the same.  The idea is to put a red dot in the center of words therefore forcing the student to center in on the whole word and not just the beginning of the word.   Like anything else it works for some kids and not for others.
Did you know that placing a red dot in the middle of words can help children see the whole word? Try it for students who just look at the beginning of words and then guess. 
This is a great idea for multisensory tapping and blending of words.  Students say the sound and hit the light.  Once all the lights are on they blend the sounds together to form the word.

Tap light for each sound they hear in word...phoneme segmentation!

This is a fabulous freebie from What the Teacher Wants.  The three sounds of ED are a hard concept to teach and get the students to understand which is why I initially pinned this goodie.  (at least it is for my at risk students)   This freebie includes not only an activity to practice the three sounds but posters for a visual reminder/prompt!!  Since I do small group work I will often shrink full size items by printing multiple pages to one page.  I feel like smaller cards/pages are easier to carry from room to room.

The Three Sounds of -ed posters

Those of you who follow me would know that I would probably be apt to pin a song here and there.  I love to use songs to teach and reinforce concepts.  Luckily my collaborating teachers like me because we do a little singing in small group:)    This is actually a great set of "or" sound songs--there is 4 to the set.  The best news is that it is totally FREE from Swimming into Second.
Awesome reading songs
The school I went to as a kid did not teach phonics so I was taught to read by memorizing.   All the phonics knowledge that I have I learned as an adult.  I am still known to research rules at times just to make sure I have it right before teaching it to my kiddos.  This is a handy pin that has a list of 18 phonics rules that can be applied MOST of the time.  (It is a free resource.)

Phonics Generalizations - A FREE handout listing the 18 phonic rules that have been proven to work at least 75% of the time. 

I love this spinner idea from the From Life in First Grade.  There are so many different phonics concepts that can be taught through a game like this!!  

 I love the idea of using a student's name to practice phonics concepts, consonant, and vowel recognition.  Then the students build words with the letters in the students name!!  This is the only pin that I could not find the original post.  I just linked it back to the Growing Kinders blog.

Videos are a must when teaching phonics!!  If you have downloaded any of my Smartboard lessons then you know that I use them whenever possible.  This video teaches the digraph sounds of sh,ch, and th.  The pin is actually not from the Electric Company site but I do use the Electric Company frequently in my Smartboard phonics lessons because they have a ton of short phonics videos and songs that are free.

I love this idea to use in my small groups.  I think it would be fun to have the students feed the monster!!  This could be used to reinforce any phonics concept. 

Thank you for joining me for another PHONICS FRIDAY!!!  I can't wait to read through everyone's favorite pins!!  I have a little Pinterest addiction myself:)  As always if you have a request of a skill you would like me to discuss next week feel free to let me know.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!!


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