Friday, July 26, 2013


PHONICS FRIDAY is back from vacation!!   It's been a busy week with my anniversary and my daughter getting braces.  It took me a moment to process that Friday had snuck up on me:)

Today's Phonics Friday is dedicated to my genre pack editor Roxanne:)  I really appreciated her feedback and assistance!

This mini lesson focuses on the double vowel syllable (vowel teams).  
Although the "rule" the first vowel says its name is not universal it does apply most of the time.

This lesson begins with a student clicking the boat to access a song that introduces the lesson target.  My kids love this song with the catchy tune of the first vowel does the talking and the second vowel does the walking.  I hope yours do too!

First go over the rule of the pattern that the mini lesson targets.  

I just added this slide while writing this post tonight.
It is important for students to understand, recognize 
& understand the objectives of the lesson.

 When introducing a new syllable type it is important
 to demonstrate how to mark up words containing this pattern.  

1.  A scoop for each syllable.
2.  Circle the vowel team because this syllable may not always be long.
3.  A "d" to stand for the double vowel syllable.

  Practice having the students read and identify the pattern/sound.

Then practice, practice, and practice!!  

This lesson includes a sort, writing the "double vowel" word,  
a word building activity, & basketball hangman.  

All of these activities help reinforce the double vowel syllable!!

I hope you enjoyed this PHONICS FRIDAY!!  
I would love to hear how you teach vowel teams. 
As always if you have any requests for next week's post
 just leave me a comment below.  
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  1. OMG Kristy, OMG, I am lost for words.
    Thank you so very much for this honorary post. I am humbled and just loving it.

    Hope you had a blast on your vacation and ready and roaring to return to work.

    Thanks so very much, and here is to wishing you much more Phonics.

    Yours in Phonics

    P.S. For those without Smart board access, could you be so kind to make a PowerPoint file?

    1. I can save it as a pdf or image files but many of the features of the lesson will work only in Smartnotebook. You can download software even if you don't personally have a Smartboard (I don't). I am not sure if you have any Smartboard access in your building or not. If you do you could use their board when they are at special or something. There should be an access code floating around in your building for Smartnotebook after your free trial expires. IPADS also have a smartnotebook app. Feel free to contact me with further questions.