Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: What Would You Do??

I am linking up with Christina from Sugar and Spice for one of the best linkys ever:  

What would you do if your husband came home and told you he wanted to move to Chicago?? 
( True story friends!!)  

Also does anyone know where we are in the pictures above??  
(1st person to guess correctly can have a free product of their choice from my store.)


  1. I wish I knew anything about Chicago, but I've never been there! Does this mean you have a move in your future!?! I hope that you guys had a great trip!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade 

  2. Lincoln Park Zoo? I have lived an hour west of Chicago and it's a great city!!

  3. Towering Chicago! WOW...share your story. Smiles and stop by anytime!

  4. Besty.....You are correct:) Let me know what item you would like from my store.