Thursday, November 21, 2013

Gobble........Gobble...A Thanksgiving Post

I enjoy teaching the kiddos about the Pilgrims and the 1st Thanksgiving.  I am a total sucker for themes.  One of my biggest frustrations as an intervention specialist is TIME!  I never have enough time get everything done that I would like to accomplish.  Unfortunately it seems to be a common problem for all teachers.

To begin:

Student's wrote their schema about the Pilgrims before we began our reading.  This chart is not that pretty but it works!! 

**Looks like we still need to take time to add our new learning to the chart:)  That is my favorite part.  I love it when students are pumped up about their learning!


Many of you know that I am a firm believer in using visuals when teaching concepts.  I believe our school psych calls it visual and verbal pairing of information.  I created vocabulary cards with visuals and definitions to accompany them to enhance my students learning.  The kids love to match the definitions to the correct word.

I get frustrated when I want to teach about a concept and I can't find material that the students can READ!  This year I decided to create three different levels of Thanksgiving books to use with my various groups.  Then I realized that I needed a sight word reader for my kinders so I created a fourth book. This way I can still get my kiddos to learn some factual information and also work on decoding skills.

Below are examples from the 4 different versions.

As with anything we read, written responses are a critical piece.  The students and I do a ton of oral discussion while we are read but I also require them to put it in writing to prove to me that they can put their responses on paper.

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  1. Love the pack! Thanks!

  2. I already have it but just wanted to tell you I absolutely love it! Thank you so much!!

  3. I already have it but just wanted to tell you I absolutely love it! Thank you so much!!

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