Monday, April 1, 2013

Teaching Genres in Small Group Freebie

Spring is here or supposedly it is.  I am still waiting for it in Ohio but at least the sun is shining!

 I have been working on several things and I keep thinking of more to add or change so I never seem to finish anything.  So today I decided that I just had to stop and put something out there.  I really like having visuals to show my students.  I feel that it reinforces the concepts that I am teaching and it allows them to not only hear but see what I am talking about.  Also if I have visual cards to accompany what I am teaching then I don't forget to talk about an important skill or concept that I need to hit. (Sometimes that totally happens:)  One thing I have been trying to talk about with my students lately is genres (even with my at risk kindergarteners).  I have made visual genre cards to go along with our genre discussions.  I have decided to share a sneak peek with everyone so I am linking up with Freebielicious for the month of April freebie.  If you like it look for it in my TPT store for the entire set and if you don't see a genre that you need to target let me know I will add it to the pack.  (It should be available by tonight).


Click picture above to find more fabulous FREEBIES and
click on the picture below to get your genre freebie.!
(For some reason on Google Docs it shows up all white but if you download it the background is there--I am not quite sure what happened)

I hope you enjoy your freebie.  I would love any feedback you have about my genre cue cards and please feel free to share how you teach genres.  I would love to know:)

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  1. This genre freebie is fantastic! Thank you so much for creating it and then giving it for free!! :O)

    Thanks for commenting on our blog!

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