Monday, March 25, 2013

Lie Reveiled and a Noun Game

Drum roll please!  The lie was #2 that my favorite show is the Bachelor.  I am not much of a reality TV fan.  Although I do watch some because my hubby is:)  My current favorite show is The Following.  Not only do I totally love Kevin Bacon but the show blows my mind every week!!

I unfortunately did work at Taco Bell for 7 long years through high school and college.  I am so thankful to now have a job that I love:) (most of the time anyway)

I did want to be an archeologist as a child.  I dreamed of uncovering hidden treasures, visiting the Pyramids, maybe even discovering a hidden Egyptian Tomb:)

Now I am linking up again with Flying into First Grade to play the NOUN GAME! So here goes with my favorite person, place, thing, and animal:

I have so many important people in my life it is so hard to choose:)  One of my favorite people is my buddy Joan.  I spend about two hours a day in her classroom and she totally puts up with all of my faults like I am not always punctual;)  Joan is my sounding board and always gives me good advice.  She is one of the best moms in the world so I am so lucky to have her a role model as I am entering the tween years with my daughter.  She is a ton of fun and is always good for a laugh.  I am very fortune to have her in my life:)

One of the places I love the most is Charleston, South Carolina.  I would really like to live there but you know how it goes........there are not jobs available for my hubby currently or so he says:) My uncle lives in the area so I am fortune to visit about once a year.  It is such a charming place!  History, shopping, and beaches, who could ask for more!

One of the things I love the most is my MAC BOOK AIR.  I just got it this fall when my PC crashed and my husband talked me into it.  It is another area of my life where I have entered the dark side.  Now that I have gone MAC, I am totally in love.

I have been a dog person and a cat person at different points in my life.  I am currently a dog person although my dogs stress me out at times:)  We have two Bichons that are white and fuzzy.  I am ecstatic to have a fenced in yard for the first time in my life!
(The dog pictured looks very similar to one of mine little ones)

I am really enjoying my first day of spring break even though it started with a snowstorm!!  I can't wait to read other people's responses to the Noun Game!!


  1. I love Charleston, SC too! I also love my laptop. I spend way too much time on it, but I love it! :)


  2. I refrained from commenting on your lie linky because I thought I had an unfair advantage! I knew The Bachelor just wasn't your thing! All your Mac Book Air talk is making me jealous! I just need to be satisfied with what I have :)

    I'm going to go link up with this one now, too, so look for my post!

  3. I love anywhere with a beach!! Wish I had a macbook!

    Primary Teacherhood

  4. I am wanting to get a mac laptop. Mainly because our desktop computer is down in the basement and during the winter is sooo cold down there. Plus, my kiddos are starting to be in a lot of activities so it would be nice to have a laptop to work on things while sitting at practices and things. That dog is adorable!! I love having someone at work who I can always go to for advice, comfort, or just a good laugh.

    Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten

  5. There's nothing wrong with working at Taco Bell. It's an honest job. You do what you have to do to get through school. I worked as a waitress until the year before I got my degree. :)

    Adventures in First with Mrs. Key