Monday, February 4, 2013

A Fluency Intervention that Works! Yes!!

Fluency is a big focus for our district and of course it is a a main area that we are targeting during the RTI process (for those kiddos not meeting AIMS benchmarking/monitoring).  After many different attempts, my co-teacher and I have finally found something that works for us and our students.  Our weekly monitoring is coming up slowly but surely!  Over Christmas break, I discovered a sight word fluency pack created by Christina DeCarbo from Sugar and Spice!  I was lucky enough to get it during an after Christmas sale.  It is FANTASTIC!!  Each passage has four target sight words.  Students color the sight word in the box a certain "color" and then color all the matching words in the passage the same color.  An example is shown below....

We have the students do a cold read of the passage and then have them color sight words etc.  Students then put the passage in a plastic sleeve that they keep in their book box to practice during Read to Self and Read to Someone.  Students also bring the passage with them to group for repeated practice daily.  We track student progress on a data sheet like the example shown below.  In this particular classroom we do the recheck of the practiced passage and the cold read on Fridays.  In other classrooms, I am more flexible and do it based on the student.  Therefore, I may practice the passage longer than a week if the student needs the extra time.  I would love to hear what works for you!!  Please feel free to share:)

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