Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Can a BIG PIG Really Teach Phonics?

BRRRRRRR!  It was so cold in our building today but that of course did not stop learning from happening;P  

One of the things I enjoy doing is to use the smartboard to introduce and reinforce phonics (Fundations) concepts.  So today I did a SHORT i word family lesson for kindergarten.  I teach the kindergartners that word families are like a real "family".  They "look" the same and they "sound" the same.  Last year I felt like I won the lottery when I discovered Hooked on Phonics had a series of videos that reinforced short vowel word families thus enter THE PIG BIG video!  I love it and the kids love it and a total bonus is it teaches the "ig" word family.

Later in the afternoon, I reviewed the "double vowel" syllable type with my second graders.  It is the 5th syllable type we have learned this year.    Right now we are working on ai/ay words combined with one or two other syllables like "entertain".  I teach the kids to break the words into syllables by scooping instead of straight lines so that it is clear where each syllable begins and ends.  The students then identify the different syllable types which ultimately aides in the decoding and spelling process.  Of course I also have another fun video to accompany my "double vowel" lesson called When Two Vowels Go Walking.  

Thanks for listening to my ideas on teaching phonics!  How do you teach your phonics (Fundations) lessons?  I would love to hear your ideas!  

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