Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wordless Wednesday...Classroom Overflow

Summer is speeding by......... and I hope that you are enjoying every moment.  I hope you decide to join the fun and link up with Christina DeCarbo too!
Last year, my family and I made a huge move.  We left family and my hometown in small town OHIO to journey to the suburbs of Chicago.  My new classroom was a tad bit smaller than my previous room so I was plagued with an itty bitty problem.  
What should I do with all my books??  
I am a bit of a book-o-holic........friends.  Luckily, IKEA came to the rescue.

Do you have classroom overflow?  If so how do you store it?


  1. Oh, yes, I am familiar with this storage problem. I have books everywhere! And actually it helps me use them. I have science books on a set of shelves in one spot, and poetry in another, and books specifically for some writing concepts over there, and large picture books elsewhere, book collections by specific authors in there own place, etc, etc. And most of my books are in bins on the shelves. That helps me use them, too, because I can take off an entire bin of, say, animal books, and am ready to go when a need comes up. I have some shelves from garage sales, some that are custom built, and some from IKEA, too, of COURSE. I suppose it you have a problem, too many books is the one to have! Thanks for posting. Nice to find you. Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom

  2. I write phonics primers for kids with alternative family structures, and between my own books and those I have collected with four young children of my own...yup, serious storage issues! For us, the best solution has been "stock rotation." I periodically rotate the books that we have in our primary storage units (recycled auto trader and magazine racks from a corner store.) The kids feel like there are always "new" books to read, and I don't feel as if I am drowning in clutter. It has been a real win/win for all of us!

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