Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Product Swap: Firstie Style

 The last couple weeks, I was lucky enough to participate in my first ever product swap!   I was even more excited about it because I got to join some of my blogging buddies in this adventure. I was even luckier because  got to preview not one but two excellent products !! 

 The first product was created by Cassie from Adventures in Teaching.    A special thank you goes out to Cassie from Adventures in Teaching for organizing this fun event!!

Adventures in Teaching

As an interventionist, I teach a lot of phonics and I love me some word families.  I wait until about January to introduce word families in Kindergarten.  I teach the kids that words are like families.  They can LOOK the same and SOUND the same just like family members do.  I am always looking for ways to reinforce my students word family knowledge.  Cassie's Word Family Fun was a perfect fit!!  My students were able to independently show what they knew about the OT word family and had fun in the process.

Word Family Fun- CVC

First the students used a paper clip and a pencil as a spinner to create real and nonsense words.  They would take whatever letter the clip landed on and add it to OT so if for example if they landed on n they would write not.

After the kiddos complete their list then they have to go back and determine which words are real and which words are nonsense.  The kids practiced tapping, blending, and reading!!  I loved it.  My at risk kiddos need as much practice as they can get.

 When they got to the bottom of the page.  They had to use those reading skills again to match the word to the correct picture.  I will be honest.  My kids needed a little help with this part.  We are still working on the "reading directions" part.

 One the back of the sheet the students got to add the beginning sound to OT.

At the bottom of the sheet the kids had to come up with their own OT words.  This is not an easy skill for my at risk kinders but we are working on it.

Another bonus is the product has adorable graphics that the students can color if time is available.

The next product that I tried out was created by Allison Cummings from A First Grade Teacher.

A First Grade Teacher 

With spring testing right around the corner this pack was just what I needed to reinforce my kiddos nonsense word fluency.

A Little Nonsense Word Cards Set One

Here is a peek at the nonsense word cards included in the pack.

 A Little Nonsense Word Cards Set One 

My kids had a ton of fun practicing with these cards.  I would pass out all the cards to the kids and then set my timer for a minute.  We would then go around the table and each student would read a card.  When the timer goes off we count the number of cards the kids were able to read during the minute.  This helps with fluency and the kids really like to see if they can increase their speed and read more cards than the day before.

A special bonus for all you lovely people out there is that these products could also be yours.  You could also win all the products from the SWAP!  YAY!

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  1. You had me at the spinners on the worksheets! :) Brilliant idea! :) My kids would LOVE something like that! ;) Thanks for including some nice pictures as well! :) I can't wait to try that out in my own classroom! :) I've not ever had a nonsense words center before with fluency...but that sounds like it would be a wonderful small group resource! :) I will have to see about adding that to what I'm doing next school year!
    There is such value in this link up!
    I am so happy to have been a part of it...and that I can go on through and check out all of the awesomeness that is FIRSTIE FRIENDS!! ;)

  2. These look fabulous!! :) I love your pictures! :) Hope you had a good weekend friend!! :)

  3. Both these products look like a fabulous addition to small group or a word work center:) Thanks for linking up and for the helpful product reviews!

    The Resourceful Apple

  4. Love it Kristy! Such a great idea with the timer!