Sunday, February 23, 2014

Movement Breaks with a little freebie!

I grew up in the 80's and honestly I don't remember movement breaks or kids having trouble sitting still during class.  My classrooms were the traditional desks lined up in rows.  Kids today aren't successful in that kind of classroom.  They NEED movement.  They really NEED it.  Allowing them to move helps kids learn:) 


What resources can be used to give kiddos a much needed sensory break?

Play dough is a great hands on learning tool.

 Alternative seating options that allow movement while learning.

I don't have these stools but they look cool.
I just got a few of these balls from WittFitt.  I can't wait to see if they help some of my very active kiddos.

Here are a few learning ideas that involve sensory.  (I found them on Pinterest)  I haven't tried them personally but I thought that they looked cool.

The theraband is a tool that helps control active feet. 

A movement grid is a tool that can be done whole class but it can also be used as a 
movement break for students who need it during whole class instruction.  I have been messing around with creating my own movement board.  Click the picture to snag it for yourself.

This a lot of the information in this post was obtained from a Shannon Samulski conference.  She has a background in special education.  Shannon Samulski has a blog called Interventions on the Go if you would like to check it out.

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